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About Mirjana Špoljar

About Mirjana Špoljar

Mirjana Špoljar born in 1977 in Zagreb, Croatia. When she was a kid, she never even dreams about to become a Croatian national pastry champion for three years in a row. Hotel and tourism management and hospitality school – pastry orientation she successfully finished in Zagreb. Fine-tuning of her skills were in Regent hotel in Berlin (two Michelin stars).

All her life is dedicated in finding new professional knowledge all over the world. How to make some of the world cakes she found in Miami, Shanghai, London, Paris, Istanbul, Budapest, Bangkok, Tokyo, Dubai, Wien, Koln, Prag, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, San Juan...

30 years ago, her first job was in Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb, and in 2005 she was promoted in position of Regent Esplanade Pastry chef, where she still currently works.

Except excellent knowledge of Croatian desserts, regarding a big world experience, she can prepare famous French, Italian and other exotic desserts.

Her pastry artwork was consumed by many people, and she presented handmade delicacies in many places.

Some of them are: in Tokyo for the needs of Croatian tourist board, in Budapest (Hungary) for Croatian Embassy needs, for Croatian tourist board and Croatian restaurant society in Köln (Germany), in Praha (Czech) for Croatian Tourist Ministry, in Wels (Austria) for Austrian pastry association , for Tourist board of Opatija….

Except preparing delicious desserts for many national leaders, she held also many seminars, workshops and classes such as:

  • Seminar for Samobor district Hotel and restaurant pastry chef’s education by Samobor Open institution organization
  • Seminar for Osijek Hotel and restaurant pastry chef’s specialization by Osijek Open institution organization Janus

Famous Croatian singer during his visit to Sweet lab Education center



Željko Bebek became the first musician in the world with the cake named after him



Few years she was chief editor of pastry magazine Dolce Vita, and author of several articles. Beside that, she was a team member which create and marketed famous Croatian national specialty - delicacies “Esplanade Štrukle”.

Beside national leaders, she made desserts for unnumbered celebrities, so her sweet delicacies tried Spanish Princess, Thai Princess, Croatian Prime Minister, Croatian President, British Princess Ann, Turkish President Sulejman Demirel, German President Hans Dietrich Gensher; singers Chris Rea, Sting, Depeche Mode, Bob Dylan, Brian Ferry; actor Orlando Bloom; many football national teams such as England, Bulgaria, Island; chess master Gary Kasparov; UN President Juan Antonio Samaranch; Saudi Prince with family, Qatar emir with family…….

At the beginning of 2012 she passes exam for international pastry judge license (WACS), which she still has.

During log time and successful career, she was a guest star in many TV shows. Her knowledge was presented for TV viewers of Croatian national TV HRT 1 in: U istom loncu show, Kruške i jabuke show, Kod nas doma Show, Dobro jutro Hrvatska Show, News. On NOVA TV that was Red carpet show, MasterChef, IN Magazin.

On RTL TV 3,2,1, peci show;……. She had 32 episodes (show) on RTL television named Kratko i slatko (more on Google)

On the main page you can find Cookie MEDIA, where you can see different PR articles and coverages from almost all Croatian daily, weekly, and monthly magazines such as Jutarnji list, Večernji list, Mila, Gloria, Gloria IN, Jet Set, Dobra hrana, Like, HRB Magazin, Novi list, Kuhar, Globus, Menu, Shop in magazine, Professional, Aktual, Delicije…………….

She is proud author of Croatian national desserts cookbook printed for needs of Konzum, Croatian food chain store, printed in 50 000 copies.

Trough long career she received lot of awards and recognitions, and some of them are:

    • Samobor city plaque award for exceptional pastry achievement
    • Zagreb pastry festival (First place)
    • Croatian autochthonies desserts (first place)
    • Croatian national championship in the year 2009 in Opatija (first place / Gold medal/ Croatian best pastry chef/ Croatian Champion for 2009.)
    • Varaždin City Tortafest (Cake festival) in 2010. – absolute winner in all categories
    • Croatian national championship in the year 2010 in Opatija (first place / Gold medal/ Croatian best pastry chef/ Croatian Champion for 2010.)
    • - Croatian national championship in the year 2011 in Varaždinske toplice (first place / Gold medal/ Croatian best pastry chef/ Croatian Champion for 2011.)


With the President of the Republic of Croatia Mr. Stjepan Mesić

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With the President of the Republic of Croatia Mr. Stjepan Mesić