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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Introduction regulations

Data controller is company Sweet lab d.o.o., 10020 Zagreb. Sweet lab d.o.o. keeps right to change GDPR, so we appreciate if you sometime check this page according to possible change of GDPR.

This GDPR explain procedure with personal date information collected from you or about you by electronic way, by written or verbal communication, or during your participation of our workshops.

Personal date means all information collected and store in a form that allows your personal identification directly (like by your name and surname) or indirectly (by your phone number), as a natural person. Before you deliver to us such information, we recommend you read this document incredibly careful, where you can find our directions and regulations for GDPR.

Personal data protection

We collect, process, and save your personal data accordance to valid Croatian GDPR regulations, and by this GDPR regulations.

Sweet lab d.o.o. respect your privacy, and handle with all personal data as very confidential information. We are very responsible during handling, collecting, and storing your personal data and we take all necessary measures for the purpose of protection of unauthorized access, disclosure, change or destroy. We will maintain personal data precise and up to date as much as possible. Our duty is to keep confidentiality and to protect all personal date which we have access to, and to use them just and only for exact purpose – to provide service from our contract.

Children GDPR

 Sweet lab does not collect, and do not intend to collect personal data from the person younger than 18 years, so we will not use them in any other way than as a personal data for workshop registration, accompanied by adult or guardian. We would appreciate if your kids would not provide any personal data to us without your knowledge.

Data that GDPR is for

Personal data that our GPR is for:

  • • Name and surname
  • • Address
  • • e-mail address
  • • phone, mobile or fax number
  • • credit card information
  • • OIB information
  • • IBAN and other information provided to us during payment.
  • • Any other information you want to stay confidential.

We will take any reasonable measures to ensure accuracy ant completeness of any of your personal data recorded and saved with us.

Sensitive data

Meaning sensitive data means data regarding your rase or ethnic descent, political opinion, religious or philosophic attitude, union membership, personal health, sexual life or orientation, genetic data, criminal record, and all biometric data usually used for personal identification. According to GDPR Sweet lab do not collect, and do not intend to collect sensitive personal data. We can proceed according to your exact request or instruction voluntary given to us to protect your health and life (for example food or some food ingredients allergies, gluten or lactose intolerance…)

Method of data collecting.

In any contact with client or business partner or in any part of our business we can collect personal data. Your personal data can be provided to us by:


  • • By asking information about workshop or reservation
  • • In communication with us by phone, email, fax, social networks, or other channels
  • plaćanjem u našem hotelu
  • • During workshop or other services reservation.
  • • During workshop
  • • By completing the survey after workshop, and giving back up information or comments about workshop
  • • During visit to our Fair stand or similar happening
  • • Participation in price competition or promotion
  • • By other ways of communication and corresponding

Personal data can be delivered to us by third party which we are in business connection.


Purpose of dana obtained.


All information provided by you or asked from you are used exclusively for:

  • • Most efficient answer on your inquiry
  • • Providing workshop or other information
  • • Providing services, you asked from us.
  • • Fulfillment of an obligation from different contracts between us
  • • Service provision insurance and payment guarantee
  • • Booking reservations, offers, bills and other documents (fulfillment obligation)
  • • Using of your back up information for improvement of our services
  • • Our inhouse statistic data processing

With your workshop questions and providing data to us (like e-mail, phone number) through all kind of communication you are giving to us your personal agreement that Sweet lab can address to you with service offers, and you agree and confirm that you are informed about our GDPR. Mentioned dana will be used for the purpose mentioned above only.


If you would like to receive news or information about our special offers and other services, by our newsletter please notify yourself on our WEB page By notification on mailing list, you are giving your personal agreement (given consent) for receiving our newsletter in your e-mail inbox. You can withdraw consent at any time and logged off from our mailing list. Logging off from the mailing list do not effect on GDPR for the time preceding logging off.

Cookies and WEB technologies

Our WEB site can use cookies and other technologies which makes easier delivering content of information according to your interest, handling reservations or requests, and/or analyzing characters of your visits. "Cookies" are kind of information packages used by servers in order to send status information in users web browser and for return of status information in original server trough same web browser. On the bases of that sample information are adapted to your needs and the way you are using WEB. Cookies do not include your address and your name but IP address only, and after finishing working on the browser, information are not available to us. If you wish at any time to delete or disable cookies on your computer, you can update settings your web browser (information about deleting and disabling cookies you can find on your computer browser)


GDPR content and your agreement

Your e-mail address and other data we do not sale, rent or disclosure to the third parties (legal and natural person) on disposal without your explicit consent, because it is against GDPR and Croatian harmonization legislation. We make a commitment that we will not disclose your personal data, except to public authorities that we are in obligation to deliver data pursuant to the provisions of the national law.

Sweet lab collect personal data which are delivered from you to us voluntary, and we used them for provision of agreed services. Your data can be shared with other sides only if we have your written agreement or if it is necessary for providing ordered and/or contracted services.

We are not asking you to send us your data to reach our web pages, and we are not asking more data than necessary for reservation or some service usage. By filling the form on web browser, you guarantee accuracy of information, that you are authorized to have that information, and that you completely agree that we can collect and use information and data according to Croatian law and our GDPR politic.

Sweet lab is not responsible for the accidental failure, force failure, or other objective circumstances that can possibly cause accidental and unintentionally violating GDPR protection, but guarantee that mistake or failure will be solved as soon as possible, if that is possible in any way.

Data processing and retention

Sweet lab will process your data for the time that will be needed to achieve mentioned purpose. Sweet lab will keep your data needed and allowed by Croatian law regulations. By termination of contractual relationship Sweet lab keeps data 11 years (according to law legal regulations), and in case oy your given consent and legitimate interest (as legal base for data collecting) Sweet lab keeps and secure data until withdrawal of consent or complain on legitimate interest of data processing.

Control, verification, change or deleting of data.

At any time, you can control, verify, change or ask for deleting your personal data that you delivered to us by visiting our web page or some other way (if those data are still in our data base). If you want to exercise that right, please contact our GDPR officer by email and by filling attached forms.

Request for deletion of personal data

Request for correction of personal data

Request for access to personal data

Updated 10th Feb 2021